Verdicta Business Indexes

Verdicta Business Indexes is a complete set of tracking and performance measures for all types of businesses.  Managers are often excited by the ability of Verdicta Business Indexes to capture data, analyze and report in a manner that reflects the way consumers think.

For many years, corporate culture has been interested in typical figures like market share, top-of-mind ranking and other common empirical values that in some situations may lack depth and clarity in terms of understanding consumer reasoning. Consumer attitudes can only be thoughtfully analyzed if research methodologies are designed to map real human thinking.  Why bother trying to find out which brand ranks first in the top-of-mind category if it can reach that rank due to both positive and negative reasons?  Why not measure the relationship between the brand and those who use and like its products?  Why not try to understand consumers’ fundamental thoughts about the brand?  Why not try to determine the cause of negative thoughts and feelings and try to eliminate such factors from the chain of messages?

Verdicta Business Indexes measure how well companies appeal to fundamental values and beliefs. This is essential, because It is certain that consumers tend to select brands, products and services based on those factors. Verdicta Business Indexes also measure trust and stability.  They determine whether brands are likely to develop in the same direction as their customers want. A gap there could indicate future problems. Likewise, Verdicta Business Indexes measure and analyze how consumers perceive the benefits of selecting a particular brand as well as the beliefs they hold towards specific brands. The latter is an important measurement for analysis of the overall relationship between a company and its customers.

Verdicta’s measurement tools and insight give corporate managers new information that allow them to focus on just a few indicators, while at the same time getting a complete overview of the status between customers, the company and its brands, products and services.

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