Retail Consulting

Verdicta has over 12 years experience in retail consulting. We specialize in helping all sizes of retail companies to win new customers or make their own customers happier. Verdicta always uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand retail consumers and to determine which direction a retailer should take to meet the new demands of its customers.

The global economic crisis created new attitudes, perceptions, and demands from consumers. In the current post-crash environment, it is essential that retail companies understand the change in consumers’ thinking. Verdicta can help clients communicate effectively to increase their competitive posture in these new circumstances.

Examples of our work

No matter who we are working for, Verdicta has one simple statement of confidentiality: to never mention its clients. We always work at the highest level of confidentiality, whether the client is large or small.

Examples of our work for the retail industry include:

        • Increasing total revenues, customer satisfaction and visibility.
        • Making the customer’s experience more positive.
        • Analyzing layouts, stores and various working processes.
        • Location analysis and evaluating the value of current locations.
        • ‘Dead Mall’ analysis.
        • Helping retailers to rebrand themselves.
        • Increasing consumer loyalty and improving consumers’ attitudes.
        • Finding strategies to stand out from the competition.
        • Improving the efficiency and benefits of marketing investments.
        • Training in methods of discussing difficult matters calmly and without negative reactions.
        • Facilitating direct and smooth communication with consumers.
        • Reframing clients’ messages based on their own values.
        • Helping management on a personal level to cope with difficult situations.
        • Analyzing businesses to determine where crucial improvements can be implemented.
        • Helping retail companies to focus holistically on the entire customer experience instead of fine tuning only selected elements.

How to contact Verdicta

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