Overview of Verdicta’s research methodologies

Verdicta uses market research to develop consulting strategies and temporary hypotheses. In order to do this, Verdicta applies both qualitative and quantitative market research.  Some of the methods we use include in-depth interviews and questionnaires or surveys to understand the relationship between businesses, brands, products, services, customers and markets in general.

Verdicta has developed measurement tools to acquire important knowledge about the status between businesses and their customers.  For example, adMeasure and Verdicta Business Indexes help businesses by revealing important and fundamental factors that influence long-term attitudes between consumers and brands.

Verdicta utilizes its research applications to understand consulting challenges in a profound manner.  Services include:

          • Establishing a strong consumer relationship.
          • Advertising research and ad tracking.
          • Segmentation research.
          • Revenue optimization and price elasticity testing.
          • Positioning research and image audits.
          • Human resources and organizational research.
          • Market share and demand estimation.
          • Consumer thinking and buyer decision research.
          • Customer satisfaction research.
          • Concept testing.
          • Brand equity, association and attribution research.



How to contact Verdicta

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                      • Send a direct e-mail to enquires@verdicta.com
                      • Call us at +354 517 6060.
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