What does an Icelandic consulting firm have to offer in consulting for financial companies?

Because of the failure of all the major banks in Iceland In 2008, people often ask us how an Icelandic consulting firm can offer advice.  The answer is that we have helped Icelandic banks to regain a great part of the trust that was lost in the crash.  With extensive research and analysis, we crafted strategies that have restored the reputation of banks and financial companies and the confidence of consumers towards them.  We have developed a model that helps banks to determine where they stand and how they can strengthen both tangible and intangible performance measures.

Insurance and Asset Management Consulting

Verdicta specializes in helping insurance and asset management companies win over new customers and make their current customers happier. Verdicta uses a multidisciplinary approach to help institutions understand how consumers think and what financial services companies can do to meet new demands for more effective communication.

The global economic crisis has created new attitudes, perceptions, and demands from consumers. In the current post-crash environment, it is essential that those in the insurance and asset management sector understand the change in consumers’ thinking. Verdicta can help clients communicate effectively to increase their competitive posture in these new circumstances.

Examples from our work

For over 10 years, we have worked for companies in the financial sector, and for over 8 years for large banks. Verdicta has one simple statement of confidentiality: to never mention its clients. We always work at the highest level of confidentiality, whether the client is large or small.

Examples of our work for the insurance and asset management industry include:

        • Increasing their revenues, customer satisfaction and visibility.
        • Helping companies to establish strong brands even in new marketplaces.
        • Making the customer’s experience more positive.
        • Regaining lost trust.
        • Increasing consumer loyalty and improving consumer’s attitudes.
        • Finding strategies to stand out from the competition.
        • Improving the efficiency and benefits of marketing investments.
        • Training in methods of discussing difficult matters calmly and without negative reactions.
        • Facilitating direct and smooth communication with consumers.
        • Finding ways for banks and their customers to interact positively.
        • Reframing clients’ messages based on their own values.
        • Helping management on a personal level to cope with difficult situations.
        • Analyzing businesses to determine where crucial improvements can be implemented.
        • Helping banks to focus holistically on the entire customer experience instead of fine tuning only selected elements.


Examples of measuring and research for the banking industry:

          • Measuring general attitudes and consumer perceptions.
          • Using Verdicta Index Measures to give regular feedback on perfomance.
          • Using the adMeasure methodology to give regular feedback on how consumers perceive ads and other marketing messages.
          • Using indexes to compare companies against other competitive market players.
          • Researching and certifying whether a company is eligible to use various international labels as a stamp of approval regarding ethics and other values.


How to contact Verdicta

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                            • Send a direct e-mail to enquires@verdicta.com
                            • Call us at +354 517 6060.
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Clients’ Statements

Working with Verdicta was great and gave us many new strategies that will be visible for years to come. Every task Verdicta did was carried out professionally.
Senior Vice President, A bank based in Scandinavia (€440 million in annual revenues )
Verdicta helped us to grow from a less than 10% market share to over 30% in 5-6 years.  Verdicta is definitely our choice of consultants for years to come.
MD, An European asset management company (€3400 million in annual revenues )
Verdicta has an in-depth understanding of how to make ideas appealing to consumers.  It’s great having them on board because they can always point out something new, something brilliant that makes us sit back and think.
CEO, Scandinavian retail chain (€1.300 million in annual revenues )