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As we know, ads influence us unconsciously with new thoughts and perceptions. adFactor is a methodology that measures what customers think unconsciously when watching an ad. It measures whether people like particular ads and marketing messages. adFactor gives managers a complete overview of their marketing investment by analyzing how people perceive ads and marketing messages and comparing these results with those of our clients’ competition.

The development of adFactor took 5 years.  It reveals the key thoughts that an ad produces in the consumers’ minds. Also, adFactor also reveals a single numeric factor, called the adFactor, that defines if an ad is a good or a bad marketing investment. adFactor therefore gives a good picture of ROMI (Return on marketing investment) so managers can know if their ads are making people to think positive, neutral or negative thoughts when they see a particular ad.

For a while, businesses have been able to access various kinds of advertising content measurements.  Many such measurements require complex working processes to achieve applicable results.  The adFactor methodology, however, is simple and cost effective and reveals the information every manager needs to know in order to make effective decisions regarding marketing budgets.

It is even more vital nowadays to have access to the information that adFactor reveals because the global economic crisis has created new attitudes and perceptions, and in some ways has changed the way consumers think. By examining adFactor results, businesses can increase their competitive posture in these new circumstances.

Verdicta conducts adFactor researches for its own clients, but we can also guide other consulting firms on the use of the adFactor methodology for their clients.  To franchise the adFactor methodology, send us an enquiry by using the Contact Us link at the top of this page, or send an e-mail to



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